About the book

Cian O’Dwyer, immature and twenty-eight, “ends up” in the Portuguese capital, escaping from a life in Dublin that has become “sour and spoiled”. In Lisbon he is torn between the dissolute world of an ex-pat English teacher, and life among the locals. He works in the London School where, he soon discovers, all is not as it seems.

A Year in Lisbon is a novel with a strong sense of place, where the city itself is a protagonist in the story. This story is one of loss, change and second chances, with a cast of finely drawn characters that entertain and engage. Funny, rich and wide-ranging, it is Lorcan McNamee’s first novel.

This website serves a dual purpose, it is the website of the novel A Year in Lisbon, and also charts the adventure of self publishing a novel, through the blog.

You can also read extracts from the novel here.