buy inderal for anxiety I am delighted to be returning to Lisbon for two more events to promote A Year in Lisbon. 

The first one will take place in Fabula Urbis bookshop, just behind the Sé, close to Alfama in Lisbon’s old city. Fabula Urbis was the first bookshop to sell the book in Lisbon, and it is also in the heart of the part of Lisbon where the book is set, just down the road from Portas do Sol, Graça and the St. George Castle, all central locations in the book.

The event will take place at 6.30pm on Sunday, October 29th and all are welcome. As always, it is a free event. Link here.

I have also been invited to speak at the Universidade Nova, in São Sebastião. This will take place at 6pm on Tuesday, October the 31st. The talk is mainly for students and staff, but is an open event, so anyone can attend. Link here.